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If you’re a death positive business owner (i.e… death doula, end of life doula, home funeral consultant or celebrant, death coach, grief coach or community educator) and you’re either in the process of or have already figured out your business model but need a kickstart to get it moving in the right direction, then this course is for YOU!

There are many quality training programs out there for most death positive movement advocates and business owners. Most focus on the “how to” of working with others at the end of life.  Some even offer advanced education and mentoring on how to structure your practice to best suit your individual skillset. it

I’ve spoken with many start-up death positive business owners over the last few years and most are stuck and frustrated! They’ve been “certified” (or not) and have figured out the structure of their practice and what they feel called to focus on, but now what?

"She has given me a life back"

“Kimberly is A+ and goes above and beyond for us. She has given me a life back with her expert streamlining and automation and creation of not just systems to work smarter but everything she does is infused with love and a marketing mindset because we ARE in the business of supporting people (in my world) to serve the world at a very vulnerable time. Marketing may be a ‘bad’ word for some, but it really is about building relationships with people and sharing what you have to offer that will help them if they are looking for that. Thank you, Kimberly, for caring for our company as your own and for all the amazing people coming to us in the process. The end of life empowerment world has you to thank for giving me the time to lead and NOT having to be behind that d–n computer!”

Deanna Cochran RN
End-of-Life Doula Mentor, Trainer and Program Developer
Founder & CEO, Quality of Life Care, LLC

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  • What are the different kinds of legal business structures? How do I know which one to set up?
  • Bookkeeping? I have NO CLUE!
  • Insurance? Do I need it?
  • What do I put on my website? or I have a website, why isn’t anyone contacting me?
  • SEO? What’s that? Do I need it? How do I do that?
  • Email marketing? What service do I use? What are CAN SPAM laws?
  • CRM (Customer Resource Management) what is it? Do I need it? How do I learn how to use it?
  • Marketing plan? Where do I even begin?
  • Social media presence and marketing – organic vs. paid reach (huh?)
  • How do I effectively network and follow up so I’m not wasting my time?
  • How do I know what to focus on each day?
  • How do I get known in my area?
  • How do I stand out from the “competition”?
  • What if I don’t  believe in charging for my services but just want to let people know I am available; can this course help me do that?

And so many, many more questions….

I’ll bet you didn’t realize all of the other skills you would need besides actually working with the dying and their families before or after death. Am I right?

It’s overwhelming and frustrating to say the least.  I GET IT!

It’s not like we get certified and can just go get a J.O.B. doing this work (in most cases) and in most cases, that’s not what we want to do anyway, right?

Our industry is too new for there to be jobs galore for doulas and the home funeral movement is seen as an “industry disrupter” (taking business AWAY from the current death industry) so, no jobs there, either. Right now, the only way to make it financially while doing the work you’re called to do…. is by owning your own business!

Kim offers peace of mind of knowing that all of the tasks were being handled.”

“I have nothing but accolades for Kim Wise. She helped us build a structure for our End of Life training product and handled all of the day to day details that are so important to running a successful business. When we hired Kim, we knew she had a 20 year background in supporting multi-six and seven-figure businesses and we certainly want to be one of those!

Kim offers peace of mind of knowing that all of the tasks were being handled. Her professional guidance helped us grow our projects and get really clear about what resources, technology, staff and marketing were going to be needed.

If you are looking for support to start or grow your business, then listen closely to what Kim can do and what she offers because you’re in great hands.”

Patty Burgess
President of Possibilities
Doing Death Differently (

The entrepreneurial skills needed to run your business are just as important as the end of life coaching or accompaniment skills you already have.  They will either make or break whether you’re successful or not.

Why leave that part of your journey up to chance?

You’ve taken great care to learn from some of the best end of life practice or home funeral trainers out there, often taking many additional courses you felt necessary to be successful in your field.  We call this “working IN your business”.  Those are the skills you need to deliver your services effectively.

Many courses even go into some overview of running the business side of things.  These classes or mentoring programs usually focus on practice development or practice models, funding sources, etc… and, don’t get me wrong, all of that is SO important and critical for you to be a success.


Where the rubber meets the road AFTER you’ve figured all of that out (or while you’re figuring it out) is learning the nuts and bolts of marketing, sales and running an efficient business, whether you have a for-profit or non-profit business model.

Now you need a knowledgeable start up business coach and implementation professional to help you kickstart your death positive business!

Let me introduce myself...

Hi! I’m Kimberly King Wise, Certified Business Manager and Virtual Assistant with 21 years of business experience helping busy business owners like you. I am also a Certified End of Life Doula and Home Funeral consultant. My unique calling is not just to accompany the dying and families after death, but also to use my business skillset to help you move your business forward with proven business building principles, not just in marketing but also setting up the efficient systems your business needs to run smoothly and ALMOST effortlessly. I have supported many, many business and marketing coaches over my career and I also bring several years of experience in serving some of our industry’s top trainers in their businesses.

I understand the death positive movement and what’s needed to help us move it forward by creating professionally run businesses.

Kimberly King Wise
CEOLD, Home Funeral Consultant, Certified Business Manager & Virtual Assistant

Join my Kickstart Your Death Positive Business Course and SAVE

- FOR A LIMITED TIME - I am offering this self-paced course for $200 off the regular price of $597!

You’ll receive:

  • All 8 online learning modules – videos, learning guides and exercises covering:
    • Employee vs. Entrepreneur Mindset and How to Make the Shift
    • Different Business Entities (not legal advice, just an easy explanation)
    • Choosing the type of website best suited for your business and how to structure it for maximum conversions
    • Creating Your “Incredible Free Offer” and How to Use It as a Lead Magnet *hint – you need more than a brochure and business cards!*
    • Creating Effective Print Marketing and How to Use Them to Build Your Business
    • Social Media Marketing —–> What’s worth your time and what isn’t
    • In-person networking and follow up system (out of the box system for you to implement immediately!!)
    • How to leverage your own MEET UP group to become known as the go-to end of life or home funeral professional in your community
    • Tradeshow Networking do’s and don’ts
    • Public Relations and Speaking Gigs – How to use them to build your business
    • Sales and Client Onboarding Systems
    • Tracking leads and metrics so you can focus only on what works
  • Complete business building form templates, infographs and handouts with each module
  • 4 Open Q&A Calls (and the replays)
  • Private Facebook community where you’ll find additional support through pop-up mini training by Kimberly as well as other death positive business owners.

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“Kimberly’s wise guidance and technical expertise made my dream of creating a video course into a reality. She provided the warm and kind encouragement I needed to record the sessions. Then, Kimberly and her team took it from there to create the online infrastructure to get my work out into the world. I could not have done this without her! Many, many thanks!

Jackie Yaeger, MD

Questions?  Reach out to me directly at

“I was blessed to find Kim, first as a Virtual Assistant, then as my business manager. She has been a Godsend! Kim has the wonderful combination of being a hard worker, and displaying a positive, upbeat attitude every step of the way. Kim is caring and kind, as well as direct and clear in her communication. My clients have never been disappointed in their dealings with her. She makes people feel heard and tended to, and that always reflects well on me and my business. She is the best right arm anyone could hope for! I highly recommend that you do the smartest thing possible for your business and hire her!

Tricia Nelson

“One of the great gifts Kimberly Wise has bought to my publishing company was the gift of being able to run the business from any computer anywhere in the world. Having a physical office where people worked daily lead to me being trapped in some extent because someone always had to be there to do business. Kimberly was able to transform my office and literally move all important knowledge, documents and operating procedures to an on-line location so that when I travel, I can access anything we would ever need. This has been a true upgrade in our working environment for myself and everyone on my team at Lee Milteer, Inc. On top of this very important contribution she runs a tight ship, helping us stay in touch with our many clients, customers and vendors. She creates efficient systems to help my business thrive.”

Lee Milteer
Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author & Publisher

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